This service is provided by A.S. Radin & Associates

A+ Rating with BBB

And the North American Alliance of Business Brokers
  • For Mid Size Business

    Must have a minimum $500,000 annual cash flow or EBITA. These are the businesses professional buyers search for.

  • Massive Buyer Network

    We have access to over 2,000 buyers seeking businesses with $500,000 in annual cash flow or EBITA.

  • Forget M&A Firms

    Unlike M&A firms / investment bankers, we do not charge retainer fees or upfront fees in general.


  • Find PBBN Certified Broker

    All PBBN Certified Brokers are also NAABB Certified Brokers trained and supported by the North American Alliance of Business Brokers

  • Schedule a No Obligation Consult

    Contact the PBBN Certified Broker to schedule a 1-on-1 consultation with our local broker. There is no obligation or pressure on our end.

  • Valuation / Representation

    The PBBN Certified Broker will do a valuation then, if both parties agree to move forward, sign an initial three month representation agreement.

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Legal Disclaimers

PBBN is a wholly owned subsiderary of A.S. Radin & Associates and does not purchase the business themselves.


Any and all contact is kept strictly confidential and begins the moment of contact and never ends. All business buyers sign a non disclosure agreement prior to business dislosure.


We qualifiy all business buyers and get buyers pre-qualified for financing (if needed). We do a soft qualification and do not pull buyer credit reports or bank statements.


Our buyer network consists of buyers worldwide seeking investment in North American Businesses. We do not prejudge or base qualifications on their nationality or religion.

From PBBN Founder Scott Radin

Right out of college I began working the title insurance industry and stayed there for 13 years however in 1999 my title company, Land America Title, downsized and laid off regional managers. I was one of the ones let go and I must admit that I was angry at the world. It turned out to be the break in my life that we all have at some point in time.

So, I developed a sales and marketing company (A.S. Radin & Associates) that still exists today. By 2001, I was brokering businesses and providing broker training throughout the world. In the 17 years since, I have used my vast experiences to develop North America’s premier business brokerage firm at the North American Alliance of Business Brokers. We are not only the most sought after business brokers, we are also considered the industry pioneer.

This is a very detail orientated process and all NAABB Certified Brokers bring structure and discipline to every project. Without NAABB expertise, business sellers don't understand the importance of confidentiality, buyer qualification or buyer financing. Business sellers do not know where to find and target buyers nor navigate the difficult mine field before closing. We earn our fee by getting our sellers to closing